Promoting Your Festival App

For your app to fulfil its potential as an accessible and user-friendly resource you need your audience to embrace it. In this article you’ll find tips on promoting your app and driving downloads. Remember, timing is everything. If the content of your app is time-sensitive, you’ll need to begin promotion well in advance to ensure your audience have time to get on board before the launch.

Generate a dual link
Make downloading your app as easy as possible for your audience by creating a dual link. With just one URL users are directed to the App Store or GooglePlay, depending on the device they’re using. Once you have generated a dual link for your app, this can then be used across all of your marketing efforts, including social media, email, and print.

Create a QR code
Use a service such as to create a QR code. Potential users simply scan with a QR code reader on their smartphone and are taken directly to the app download page. As with the dual link, you can use this QR code across all of your marketing efforts.

Update your email signature
Optimise your outgoing communications by adding an app download link to your email signature. If you work as part of a larger organisation, ask your colleagues to do the same.

Make the most of existing audiences
Share your app download link with existing audiences on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Promoting your app in a prominent place on your website is also a great way to drive downloads.

Enhance print distribution
Include your QR code on printed material to drive digital uptake. Increase awareness of your app by promoting it in press releases and advertising campaigns.

Incentivise app users
Encourage users to rate and review your app to improve its search ranking and discoverability. Run a competition on social media to prompt sharing between friends and reach new users.

Review and improve
Take your analytics and turn them in to actionable goals. Assess which of your promotional tactics worked well, and which didn’t. Build on your success and set targets for future downloads.

Monitor your app download data
Using our chosen third party analytics software Flurry Analytics you can track how many times your app has been downloaded as well as monitor user statistics. Continue on to the next page for more information on how to best utilise Flurry Analytics.