Our platform is designed to make the process of building an app as simple and cost-effective as possible. Custom-build an interactive smartphone event guide from your desktop while our back-end programming does the hard work. Our team typically requires less than three weeks (starting from submission of content) for app development and Apple Store approval. This ensures that your app incorporates the most up-to-date and correct event information.

We will support you through the entire process: from uploading content to previewing your finished apps. We have also created useful resources to enable you to get the most out of your app and it’s promotion.

The process is simple:

Process apps4arts custom app
11 Steps to publishing your app. 1. Register your company 2. Login to the platform 3. Build your app 4. Preview your app 5. Publish your app 6. Review your content 7. Any amendments suggested 8. A4A development 9. A4A development review 10. App sent for approval 11. Ready for download