John Walter
Turn My Oyster Up

Sunday 1st June
Alien Sex Club

‘Turn My Oyster Up’ is a phrase from Polari (the 1950’s gay cant epitomized in ‘Round the Horne’ by Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick) meaning ‘make me smile’. Walter will perform as host at a ‘slang bar’ in a beach hut using the local oyster culture as a linguistic hook with which to engage the audience in verbal and visual games addressing slang. The installation will include video, flooring, wallpaper, and will host events and performances over the weekend. ‘Turn My Oyster Up’ continues Walter’s longstanding interest in hospitality as a device for the dissemination of artwork to new audiences. He will serve specially devised drinks and locally made gypsy tarts. ‘Turn My Oyster Up’ will provide an alternate reality for those who come to visit Whitstable – something visually luxurious, entertaining and engaging but also out of place, unusual and thought provoking – a ‘queering’ of the local culture.