Kieren Reed
From the Ground up, (A) Social Building

Wednesday 4th June
Biennale HQ

From the Ground up, (A) Social Building is a new social artwork for Whitstable Biennale 2014, creating a unique space for audiences to explore, and a point from which to pick up information about the whole festival.

Through this functional sculpture Reed is exploring the legitimacy of participatory practice and the possibilities of creating innovative learning environments within the act of building a public space. Designed and built by artist Kieren Reed with input from students at UCA Canterbury and Collaborative Research Group (CRG) the work continues Reeds critique of craftsmanship and labour, through shared working ideals and the situation of participation.

Functioning as the headquarters/Hub for the Biennale, the space will be programmed by CRG as well as being a sculptural artwork in its own right.