Getting the Most out of Mobile

Apps vs Mobile: Getting the most out of native mobile apps vs mobile optimised web

80% of adults now own a smartphone. Optimising your mobile presence is one of the most valuable things your organisation can do to engage audiences.

Digital content is now primarily viewed on smartphones and tablets. Whilst mobile-optimised websites are prioritised in Google searches, the benefits of having a native app will far outweigh those of a mobile-optimised website.

Is a branded app right for you?

  • An App fulfils a specific purpose, which offers a unique experience unavailable on a mobile-optimised website.
  • An App provides a more robust user experience — by not relying on bandwidth or site performance content can be bigger and more dynamic.
  • Storing data locally on a user’s device ensures it can be accessed anywhere and at any time without the need for a data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • An App can utilise other native device functions such as camera, microphone, GPS and social sharing. When these functions are utilised you maximise user engagement with your brand.

Is your organisation getting the most out of mobile? Head to the App Store and Google Play to see some of the apps we have developed in the past.