Unlock the potential of your data – Flurry: A User Guide to App Analytics

What is Flurry and why should you use it? At a glance, Flurry helps you to understand your audience, usage, and performance by collecting data about their mobile habits. In turn this helps you to optimize your audience’s mobile experience, and consequently their event experience.

Flurry tracks more than 100 million users across more than 50,000 applications. This hugely powerful tool unlocks the potential to build a valuable picture of the unique tastes and habits of your audience. Additionally, you are able to gain insight into the types of content your audience are most likely to engage with. As an events organiser, these insights are invaluable for helping you to tailor your marketing efforts to your target audience.

To get the most out of app analytics you should be taking note of:

–  The overall number of people who have used your app.

–  The number of people who are using your app at any given time or specific timeframe.

–  The geographic locations of your app users when the app is in use.

–  The overall app retention rates as well as the retention rates on individual pages.

These unique features will help you to gain insight into the most popular events and times of the day, which in turn will help you make more informed decisions for future festival programming. You will also be able to measure your audience traffic and demographic traits, which will help you to build a more informed picture of your audience.

This invaluable information will help you to tailor and target your communications, marketing efforts, and events to your audience and sponsors in the future.

Read our Flurry User Guide below to learn more, or click through for an expanded view. FlurryUserGuide


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